Our Books

The Malaysian Writers Society has, to date, published two collections of short fiction by Malaysian authors. These collections showcase a variety of styles, themes and ideas, and confirm our belief in the bright future of Malaysia’s literary scene.

Emerging Malaysian Writers 2018

One takes a very long emotional rollercoaster ride in a novel, but in an anthology, one takes many, many short emotional rides. And that’s what this anthology will do to you: bring you on different rides of new Malaysian writings. 

Book details
Total pages: 143
Number of stories: 14
Retail price: RM15 (print); RM7.90 (e-book)


Home Groan: A NutMag Anthology

At MYWriters Penang, we love stories about Penang—whether you’re a native or a transplant, in fiction or in non-fiction, even in epic verse! Home Groan does just that. Okay, maybe not epic verse.

Book details
Total pages: 254
Number of stories & poems: 22
Number of illustrations : 9
Retail price: RM30 (print); RM15 (e-book)