We’ve got a New Logo!

Malaysian Writers have a new logo, designed by Farsight, a group of design students from Taylor’s University. The students are Tamara Audrey, Rashah Apri, Vedha Vania and ‚ÄčSuma Hassan.

The logo shows two overlapping books, similar in size but different in the way they are depicted. The similarity in size represents the shared interest of Malaysian Writers Society members, i.e. writing. The book that is drawn in outline stands for the writers who are just beginning their journey, while the book with the filled outline stands for experienced writers. However, despite their differences in experience, styles and aspirations, Malaysian Writers Society members keep moving forward while being mutually supportive.

There are three different versions of the logo, each of a different colour which represent distinct qualities: Red symbolises strength and enthusiasm. Yellow is for joy and friendship. And turquoise shows creativity and wisdom.

Many thanks to Farsight for the logo and the thought and care they put into designing it!