The writing community in Penang, known as MYWritersPenang, is active and vibrant. The writers meet up regularly for write-ins, group critiques, reading performances, trainings and book-selling events.

MYWritersPenang also published an annual zine known as NutMag and runs their own online monthly newsletter (subscribe here: You may also join MYWritersPenang Facebook Group to stay updated with what’s happening in the writing scene in Penang.

The MYWriters Penang Committee

Things that annoy Anna: accounts that do not balance and badly-written novels. She has given up on annoying bean counters in general–she now counts money for the Malaysian Writers Society and runs write-ins, though not both at the same time. Anna is the primary editor for NutMag.

Diyaa is a full-time writer, editor, proofreader and social media manager based in Penang Island. When she isn’t writing for work, she writes for fun. Her works are usually found under her pseudonyms, Serendipity and NightShade. She writes about fantasy, feminism, human rights, the environment, and poetry. 

She spent a year (2012) in Penang with the aim to cultivate a writing community. After organizing various readings and workshops, Gina returns to her hometown (KL). However, she is still actively involved in the development of the Penang writers through #MYWriters.

Despite his everyday profession as a semi-professional freelancer, Wilson Khor W.H. is known more as a poet rather than a writer—even more as a friend whose words carry the scent of blooming flowers; the heartbeats of his companions and supporters colouring the shades of their petals.