Online Community

Malaysian Writers was founded in October 2014 by Tina Isaacs, who started a Facebook group for WRITERS hailing from MALAYSIA (Malaysian citizens/PRs, and foreign expats who write, live and work in Malaysia); that transcends genre, language, function, medium and experience levels.

It’s a closed online group that provides support and networking opportunities for writers – a safe haven for them to discuss industry matters and challenges, as well as share publication and job opportunities. The platform facilitates interaction, provides support and fosters a sense of community through initiated physical gatherings, craft/learning exercises, industry news sharing and various writer-focus discussion.

Click on the screenshot and you’ll be directed to our FB Online Community.

The group has since grown in numbers reaching the 5,000 members tier within 3 years and continues to grow with an average of 30 members weekly. Any writers that fit the above-mentioned criteria can join the online group for free. Simply log on to Malaysian Writers Community or search for ‘Malaysian Writers Community / Komuniti Penulis Malaysia‘ on Facebook, and submit your member request. An administrator will approve accordingly.

Some of the online activities held in our community include:

Writing Prompts

(a) #MYWriters1stLiner (weekly, new prompt every Monday)
Write an intriguing first line to a story. Entry that receives most votes [LIKES] is awarded recognition as the “Malaysian Writers First-Liner Weekly Winner”. Weekly winners will be rejudged in December for the “Malaysian Writers First-Liner of 2015 contest” to be announced on 1st January 2016.

(b) #MYWritersPoetryPrompt (weekly, new prompt every Wednesday)
Write a poem based on the prompt criteria provided.

(c) #MYWritersWritingPrompt (weekly, new prompt every Friday)
Write a story, essay or poem based on the prompt provided.

(d) #MYWritersWhatAreYouWorkingOn (monthly)
Members share an excerpt of their current work in progress.

(e) #MYWritersWeeklyThought (weekly)
A quote to inspire writers for the week ahead.

Community Sharing

(a) #MYWritersSubmissionCall
Writing competitions, contests or call for submissions, locally or internationally.

(b) #MYWritersReference or #MYWritersResources
Links that provide reference, tutorials or how-to guides for writers.

(c) #MYWritersOpportunity
Work opportunities for writers, whether full time or freelance.

(d) #MYWritersTraining
Links to training on the writing craft and writing related skills, held locally or internationally, online or in person.

(e) #MYWritersEvents
Links to events pertaining to writing and matters of interest to our community such as author readings/signings, poetry performances/slams, book launches, literary conferences.


(a) #MYWritersDATABASE
Members are encouraged to share their contact details to ease members’ reference and retrieval.

(b) #MYWritersPublications
Members are invited to share and regularly update a list of their individual published work.

(c) #MYWritersWritingServices
Members may view database of services offered by other members, or enter their own details into the Google.Docs to offer services to other members.