A Society dedicated to the professional advancement of Malaysian writers, writing locally or abroad.

Malaysian Writers Society, fondly known as MYWriters, was established in September 2016 to facilitate activities and programmes related to Malaysian writing and publishing. These include #MYWritersRetreat, #MYWritersEvents, #MYWritersGathering, #MYWritersFest and other online activities on a regular basis.

MYWriters is an inclusive and non-profit initiative, providing a platform for Malaysian writers that transcends genre, language, function, medium, and experience levels. Our members include published and emerging writers. As of 5 June 2019, we have 6,620 Online Members and 142 Society Members.

Our Vision

  • To foster and raise critical interest in creative writing by Malaysian writers across genres, languages, mediums, functions, and experience levels;
  • To encourage, promote, support, defend, and advocate for the interests of Malaysian writers, literary translators, editors, and creators of creative writing content;
  • To hold activities that will enable the professional development of Malaysian writers, promote camaraderie and cooperation between writers in the community and those within the Malaysian literary and publishing industry, and the general advancement of Malaysian literature.

Society Committee (2018–2020)


Exco team: Anna Tan, Gina Yap Lai Yoong, Lim Wan Phing & Lokman Hakim.

Committee team: Diyaa Mani, Georgette Tan, Joanne Ch’ng, Lisa Ong, Michelle Leong, Pepper Lim, Ted Mahsun, Tina Isaac & Tutu Dutta.

Society Exco (2018–2020)

Gina Yap Lai Yoong

Vice President
Lokman Hakim

Anna Tan

Lim Wan Phing